The water leaked from the pipes in sewer causes huge loss on revenue and reduce the quality of the water. The target of the LeakEye is to recover the lost revenue and protect the customers.

30% water production goes to the households, 2% goes to leisure homes, 25% goes go the industrial side. The remaining 30% is lost in the sewer due to the leakage. This can cause huge loss on the revenue to the water production company.

Energy Waste

The more water is leaked from the pipe, the less pressure is remained in the pipe system. This will force the water production company to consume more energy to bring the pressure back. However, with the increased pressure, the amount of the water leakage will increase.

Contamination risks

Bacteria, viruses, and dirt may enter to the pipes due to the leakage. It can be harmful to the customers. The water is therefore not safe for consumption.

Stop the Problem

LeakEye can take care of the pipes for the water production company. By applying LeakEye, the water leakage can be detected in the early phase.