The products in the factory can be damaged by the water leakage. LeakEye can provide fast response to the leakage to save your products.

Some products in the factory should be careful about the moisture level. However, the water leakage may cause the increase of the moisture. This can reduce the quality of the products.

Raw Material

Some raw materials should be stored without water. If the materials absorb water, this can cause some defects to the final products. Also, heating the raw materials may generate some steam, which can cause damage to machines in the factory.

Controller of robotic arm

Robotic arms are widely applied to the production lines. Also, robotic arms are the core of the smart factory. The controller of robotic arms should be stay away from water. The leakage of the water should be reported as soon as possible.

Stop the Problem

LeakEye can detect the water leakage during the initial phase. With LeakEye, the leakage in the factory can be avoided.