Leakage in the building can cause severe damage to the building. Let LeakEye protect your building where you are unaware.

The leakage of the water can cause concrete deterioration and early onset of corrosion. In this case, walls can have cracks and therefore the cracks may even damage the architecture of the building. Moreover, wooden and leather furniture may suffer the irreversible damage.

Minor flood

When you are out for a vacation and the water is leaking, it can cause a minor flood at home. This can cause damage to your properties. Then, you need to spend a lot of time on cleaning up.


Molds can spread due to the leakage of the water. Mold can definitely cause damage to the furniture or structure of a building such as roofs, walls and floors. Mold is also hazardous to human health (e.g., mold can cause skin rash to children, breathing problems to people with allergies, and so on).

Stop the Problem

LeakEye has the ability of detecting water leakage at the beginning. Thus, LeakEye can protect your properties away from the water leakage.